Aaron Eckhart’s THE DRUMMER, Biopic About Beach Boys’ Drummer, Is NOT Happening Anymore

How strenuous was the job on I, FRANKENSTEIN? Apparently strenuous enough that Aaron Eckhart just got too exhausted to do the BEACH BOYS Drummer, Dennis Wilson, biopic.
THR said Eckhart, who was supposed to play Dennis Wilson, who drowned 30 years ago, in the biopic titled THE DRUMMER, had to exit the project before shooting started in June 2012 due to exhaustion after working on I, FRANKENSTEIN, even after Eckhart spent 6 months learning to sing and play the piano and drums.

Eckhart’s departure delayed THE DRUMMER. But it got worse. The Dennis Wilson Trust now confirms that there is no plan to move forward with THE DRUMMER.
So you can now safely assume that THE DRUMMER has officially been canceled.

Such a shame. This could’ve been a worth watching biopic, especially with Vera Farmiga, Chloe Moretz, and Rupert Grint involved.
The film was supposed to tell the story of the last 6 years of Wilson’s life in which he wrote some of the finest songs of his career. Wilson drowned in 1983 in Marina Del Rey shortly after he released his solo masterpiece, PACIFIC OCEAN BLUE.
Farmiga was supposed to play Fleetwood mac singer/songwriter Christine McView. Farmiga, a classically trained pianist, was planned to have a number of duets with Eckhart in the film.
Moretz was supposed to play Wilson’s daughter Jennifer, who’s also a co-producer of this film.
Grint was supposed to play Stan Shapiro, a mail room intern who befriended Wilson.

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