The other day, Deadline reported that Relativity will pick up a mission movie involving Navy SEALs, titled ACT OF VALOUR, The company will pay a $13 million minimum guarantee and a $30 million P&A commitment for a movie that’s scheduled to arrive either on Veterans Day weekend release in November of a Presidents Day release in February 2012
No plot details yet on ACT OF VALOUR but the film will feature actual active duty Navy SEALs, the project is supported by the military and it’s scripted by Kurt Johnstad (300) and to be directed by Mike “Mouse” McCoy and Scott Waugh.
The Filmstage has these set photos to prove it, via Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut’s website, he shot the entire film on a Canon 5D Mark II, and some photos are also found at which describes the project as “a hybrid feature film based on the SEAL ethos that highlights both naval special warfare capability and fleet interaction.”..

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