Alan Tudyk Says SERENITY Prequel Won’t Happen But He Has An Idea For A Movie About MAL

I had the chance to 1:1 interview actor Alan Tudyk at the press day for his new movie TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL. I’ll post my full interview in a couple of weeks when the film gets released in select theaters but I’d like to share with you some excerpt regarding one of my favorite series, FIREFLY, and its movie, SERENITY, both created writer/director Joss Whedon who is currently busy bringing you THE AVENGERS.
SPOILER ALERT! Those of us fans of the show and the movie know that Tudyk’s character, the pilot, Wash, died but I asked Tudyk if there’s a possibility of a prequel. He replied and added an idea that he’s had in mind for a movie that only focuses on Nathan Fillion‘s character, Mal..

I used to always say that and Joss [Whedon] used to say that, together at Comic-Con with Nathan [Fillion] and Adam Baldwin and Jewel Staite and I was looking at us and I was like..’o shit! We’re a decade older than we were when we did this, there’s no fucking prequel gonna happen, we’re too old! Well that cuts me out, sons of bitches!’

But I don’t know, is there one planned? This is how I see it happening, and this is just all out of my head, please do not put this on anyone else ’cause I’ve gotten in trouble in the past but I see Nathan Fillion in another 10 years, teaming up with Joss Whedon and doing something where he brings back Mal.
Mal living on some planet alone, he’s shunned everyone and everybody and something happens that draws him back in to do it. I absolutely know that Nathan would be up for it, I know Joss Whedon would be up for it.”

What do you say my fellow Firefly-Serenity fans out there?
I think a movie just about MAL would be pretty awesome, right?!

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Kevin G. says:

Oh god, yes! That’d be shiny :]

Kristy G says:

Would be AMAZING.