Amazon Studios’ Sex, Drugs, And Classical Music, MOZART IN THE JUNGLE Pilot Starring Gael Garcia Bernal

Amazon Studios announced that Gael Garcia Bernal, Malcolm McDowell, Saffron Burrows, Peter Vack, Hannah Dune, Lola Kirke, Bernadette Peters will all star in their pilot, MOZART IN THE JUNGLE which will make its way to their prime instant video and LOVEFiLM in 2014.
Scripted by Roman Coppola, Jason Schartzman and Alex Timbers, and directed by Paul Weitz, this MOZART IN THE JUNGLE has Gael play a hotshot new conductor, named Rodrigo, of the NY Symphony encountering a more seasoned conductor named Thomas, played by McDowell, who’s forced into retirement by Rodrigo.
Lola Kirke plays oboist Hailey.
Saffron Burrows is a cellist named Cynthia who has an affair with Thomas
Bernadette Peters plays chairwoman of the board of the symphony named Gloria.
Peter Vack plays Julliard’s talented dancer, Joshua, who becomes Hailey’s love interest
Hannah Dunne plays Hailey’s friend and roommate, Lizzie
This is about sex, drugs, and classical music.

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