Dex says:


My predictions based on this trailer. I seems that not only will this story be based on the Knightfall series but also knightsend series, minus the psycho azreal batman. From what it looks, yes, Batman/Bruce will get his back broken, and Bane figures out Bruce and Batman are one, all early in the film. Peace is broken by Bane as he sets blackgate prison open. Marion (lady who bruce is talking to that is not catwoman/selina) may get kidnapped and taken somewhere that is not in the US, I believe Catwoman may help as she somewhat did during the knightquest saga. And all while this is happening, Bruce, heals and rises up to the challenge to fight Bane yet again in front of City Hall. Bruce may also find the league of assasins as well to sharpen his skills during recovery during this time. Lucious will probably develop the batjet during bruces recovery time as well.

Just my predictions after seeing this and reading the Knight fall, Quest, and end saga in the comics.

Atta says:

Christian Bale does seem to be walking around on a cane in some of the scenes of the trailer. Maybe he gets injured by Bane early on in the film and the 8 year gap Nolan has been talking about is the time between Batman learning to walk again and hence the Dark Knight “Rises”?