Behold This Image Of 21-year old Henry Cavill As Supes In SUPERMAN: FLYBY Screen Test

Superman Flyby - Henry Cavill

Almost a decade ago, there was a SUPERMAN project that didn’t take off, SUPERMAN: FLYBY, another attempt on reviving Supes way after the Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage version SUPERMAN LIVES in early 90s fell apart.
Names like McG and Brett Ratner were attached to potentially helm SUPERMAN: FLYBY which had scripts provided by J.J. Abrams. Ratner recently explained how his SUPERMAN would’ve turned out.

But here’s the kicker, of the many actors who tested for SUPERMAN: FLYBY, one of them was none other than Henry Cavill himself. And ThinkMcFlyThink scored this image above that shows Cavill in the red-and-blue-costume. The then 21-year old Cavill was even cast in the role but the project fell apart when Bryan Singer went on board and changed the entire ship to what we now know as Superman Returns.

But hey, a decade later, Henry Cavill finally flew as Supes in Zack Sndyer’s reboot, MAN OF STEEL. I guess all good things come to those who wait and try and try again.

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