BREAKING BAD Writers Join The Spin-Off Series, BETTER CALL SAUL

Here’ how you know that the upcoming new BREAKING BAD Spin-off series, BETTER CALL SAUL, will be just as great. Because it’s got the same people working on it.
Variety said BREAKING BAD writers Thomas Schnauz and Gennifer Hutchison have joined Peter Gould on the BETTER CALL SAUL staff
Schnauz will co-exec produce, Hutchison will be a supervising producer.

The BREAKING BAD Spin-off we’re all waiting for, BETTER CALL SAUL will hit U.S. and Canada on AMC networks of course, but once it makes its first season finale, it will be available for Netlifx.
The show itself will also be available for Europe and Latin America audiences to view on Netflix starting in 2014

BETTER CALL SAUL which once again will have Bob Odenkirk reprising his iconic role, Saul Goodman, and this is more of a comedic tone instead of drama and it serves as somewhat of a one-hour prequel, conceived by creator Vince Gilligan and writer/producer Peter Gould, and it’s about the evolution of Saul Goodman before he ever became Walter White’s lawyer

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