Brenton Thwaites Is A Human Thief In GODS OF EGYPT

Deadline said Brenton Thwaites will star with Gerard Butler, NIkolaj Coster-Waldau, and Geoffrey Rush in director Alex Proyas’ GODS OF EGYPT, scripted by Burk Sharpless & Matt Sazama
The story is set in ancient Egypt in which Waldau will play the god of the sky, Horus, who joins forces with a human thief and the goddess of love, Hathor, on a magical quest to avenge the death of Osiris, his father.
Butler plays Set, a god of the desert, storms and foreigners in ancient Egyptian mythology in which he killed and mutilated his own brother Osiris.
Rush plays the sun god Ra, the father of Set and Osiris.
Thwaites plays Bek described as

a human thief who cares little for the affairs of gods but when he discovers Zaya has been cursed by Set, he falls on the side of Horus, hoping that Set’s death will break the curse.

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