Bryan Singer Will Develop, Exec-Produce, And Possibly Direct THE TWILIGHT ZONE Reboot Series

Keep in mind that WB is developing the new THE TWILIGHT ZONE movie, directed by Matt Reeves, that won’t be an anthology like the 80s version, so the following is different, this one is a new series. Yea, I know, one of those again, it’s like how many revivals of this need to happen until they realize that nothing could ever match up to the Rod Serling’s classic episodes.
Anyways, Deadline said Bryan Singer, who’ll soon be busy helming X-DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, will officially develop, exec-produce and potentially direct THE TWILIGHT ZONE Reboot series and they’re currently looking for a writer to pen the pilot and CBS TV Studios is in final talks to close the deal with the Serling estate.
No word yet on which network would air this new show but CBS is probably the most obvious choice

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