Danny Boyle To Develop TELEMARK Miniseries. WWII Drama About Stopping Hitler’s Nuclear Bomb Facility

Via The Telegraph, Oscar winning filmmaker, Danny Boyle and his Slumdog Millionaire scribe Simon Beaufoy will oversee FX’s development of a WWII 10 part TV miniseries, TITLEMARK about the allied efforts to stop Hitler from producing his own nuclear bomb.
It’s about Norwegian saboteurs who infiltrated a heavy water production plant in Vemork where Nazi was prepping to manufacture their own nuclear weapons but thanks to those saboteurs and allied efforts, the facility was destroyed in 1943.
The story was previously told in a 1965 film, THE HEROES OF TELEMARK starring Kirk Douglas and the late great Richard Harris.
And if you recalled recent news, Michael Bay is also developing his own take on the story but for the big screen, and Bay’s version is based on Neal Bascomb’s upcoming book.

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