Disney’s WISH LIST Includes Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon was anything but impressive in this past spring’s Water For Elephants adaptation, surely the Oscar winner can do better than that. Deadline said Witherspoon is attached to Disney’s comedy, WISH LIST about an overly imaginative girl who makes 10 wishes at a wishing well. Her coin never reached the bottom so none of her wish ever came true. Years later, she became an ambitious career woman and for some reason one of the coins get dislodged and it falls to the bottom and now she has to deal with all her childhood wishes coming true all at once.
Well, it’s not an Oscar worthy material but it’d be fun to see Witherspoon in a chaotic comical situation.
Scripted by Randi Mayem Singer, the project was initially meant for a male lead star but now it’s be rewritten to cater Witherspoon.

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SittingPat says:

Yes, it would be nice to see Reese in a comedy role again. So, are we going to see a Tracy Flick type as an adult, sabotaged by her childhood trust and naivety? Could work. But isn’t this like the fourth project that’s been announced as her next one coming over the last year?