Ed Helms As Rusty Griswold In The New VACATION Movie?

I shared with you last month info that the same screenwriting team hired to write National Lampoon’s VACATION reboot has been hired by New Line to direct the project as well. So Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley (TV’s Bones) just got busier.
Plot details aren’t revealed yet but word has it that the story may be about the now grown up Rusty Griswold and his own family adventure but Chevy Chase is expected to return as now grandpa Clark Griswold, but that plotline is not confirmed yet.
Ok, now here’s a rumor from Perez Hilton,.. The Hangover star Ed Helms might get to play Rusty in this film,.. but file this one under rumor for now, take it with huge grain of salt.
I met Helms recently at the press day for his new film, JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME. If I had known about this rumor earlier, I would’ve asked him if there’s any truth to this at all.

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