EXCLUSIVE! Screenwriter Evan Daugherty Talks To Me About G.I. JOE 3

I recently did a full length interview with one of Hollywood’s rising screenwriters, Evan Daugherty, on his popular internet short film, THE FOUR PLAYERS, and I’ll post that interview later, but I also got to ask Daugherty about a certain big budget project he’s been assigned to pen and that is G.I. JOE 3.
When I asked which G.I. JOE character can we the fans expect to see, who will return and who will be joining new, Daugherty said the following..

“I think they gotta keep me sword to secrecy on this one.
I gotta stay quiet because I’m literally in the middle of writing it. When you called, I was writing it.”

I asked Daugherty when he’ll be submitting his script to the studio

“I don’t know. Sometime in the next few months, I would imagine.”

One of the fans’ complaints about G.I. Joe: Retaliation was (SPOILER ALERT) that they killed off Channing Tatum’s character, Duke, so I asked Daugherty if he would’ve done the same. He explained his thoughts on it and went on to share what he’s trying to give us, the fans, with G.I. JOE 3.

“Would I have killed off Duke? It’s hard to say, you never know what process that went through to make that film. I don’t know, it’s hard to say, because sometimes killing off a character might make for a dramatic story, but what I’ll say for this new movie, what we’re trying to do, what I”m trying to do, being a fan of the original cartoon in particular and the comic book as well. The comics are somewhat different than the cartoon. We’re just really trying to make a totally a great G.I. JOE movie which to me is about a lot of action but like a lot of fun with a sort of hint of sci-fi, an exciting world you’ve never been to, etc. So ya, I’m excited about what the next G.I. JOE Movie can be.”

G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, in 2009, banked about $302 Million at box office worldwide.
G.I. Joe: Retaliation, this past spring, banked about $375 Million worldwide.

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