Favreau, Orci, Green, Dougherty Are Developing EX-COMM Pilot ABC

Awesome filmmakers are turning their attention to TV and why not?! Some of the best stories are being told on TV these days. You can’t beat The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad or Mad Men.. funny how all those 3 are part of AMC channel.
Anyways,.. Deadline said Jon Favreau, Roberto Orci, Seth Green and Michael Dougherty are developing and writing sci-fi drama with humor series for ABC and Favreau is expected to direct the pilot
The project is also produced by 20th Century Fox TV and Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci’s studio-based K/O Paper Products
The title is EX-COMM and it’s described as The X-Files meets The West Wing.
So there’s a bit of paranormal suspense and a bit of presidential intrigue.
The story is about

a newly-elected President and his top secret “Executive Committee” (a.k.a. Ex-Comm), the government’s covert team of America’s most elite minds who investigate and protect our nation from the strangest occurrences and “conspiracy theory truths” out there.

The writers are aiming for a fun but grounded show with plots that operate within the realm of possibility.

Quick reminder, Favreau is the director of Iron Man movies,.. Kurtzman and Orci are the screenwriters of Abrams’ Star Trek and also the force behind Fringe series,.. and Dougherty is the co-screenwriter of Superman Returns.. and of course you’re familiar with the funnyman Green who was part of mo-capture movie, Mars Needs Moms this past Spring.

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