Best Friends Forever - Brea Grant, Vera Miao

Check out this Slamdance trailer for BEST FRIENDS FOREVER starring Brea Grant (NBC’s Heroes, Dexter), and Vera Miao (CSI: Miami, Brothers & Sisters) as a pair of best friends who hit the road bound for Texas just as a nuclear attack strikes the country…

Director: Brea Grant
Starring: Brea Grant, Vera Miao, Sean Maher
Screenplay: Brea Grant, Vera Miao
Running Time: 80 mins.
Not yet rated
Official Site:

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is a clever dark comedy and heartfelt road trip buddy film wrapped in an apocalyptic disaster story, with two badass girls. Harriet (Brea Grant), a perpetually optimistic comic-book artist, dreams of escaping her past in Los Angeles and hits the road for a new life in Austin, Texas. She drags Reba (Vera Miao), her seemingly devil-may-care BFF, along for the ride. In the hush period following mysterious nuclear explosions, the girls are forced to ask: When faced with the end of the world – what is most important to you?

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