Fox May Or May Not Have 8 Minutes Of R-Rated DEADPOOL Test Footage

Haven’t heard much about DEADPOOL in a long time! Good to hear there’s some kind of development. By the way, I was talking to a press member at Disney D23 Expo last August and she told me to check out Amazing Arizong Comic-Con but I didn’t get to do that last weekend. Luckily Bleeding Cool was there and attended the panel by Rob Liefeld and Scott Lobdell. The character’s creator Liefeld revealed that the movie got itself a director now and that Fox may or may not have shot 8 minutes of the R-rated footage..

“They’ve got a great director on the movie, they’ve got a great script. I may or may have not seen some sort of test of footage that would blow your mind if you saw it and go holy crap and that’s Deadpool in costume. Katana swords, guns, shooting people’s faces off and making me laugh. And I may or may not have seen something that looks just like that. And you’ve got what would amount to the first R Rated X-Men movie. Because that script is R Rated.
They may or may not have wanted to shoot eight minutes to see how it would play. And all I can tell you, it’s close. It’s closer that it’s even been to going, or going Naaah, that’s too scary a proposition to make a R Rated Deadpool movie.”

Last spring, it was reported that VFX artist Tim Miller was said to make his feature directorial debut with DEADPOOL, scripted by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who both insisted that the film would stay true to the mythology because they don’t wanna offend Ryan Reynolds, attached to star, who is “a huge fan and protector of the property”.

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