Gary Oldman May Direct FLYING HORSE About Eadweard Muybridge

Gary Oldman

Been a while since the last time Gary Oldman directed a project, (Nil By Mouth), so it’s good to hear that he’s returning to behind the cameras.
The Wrap said Oldman has written a script and wants to direct a biopic titled FLYING HORSE, about photographer Eadweard Muybridge, famos for pioneering technological advances in photography and motion-capturing imagery essential for moviemaking but the movie focuses on the love affair of Muybridge’s wife, Flora with Harry Larkyns, a famous theater critic killed by Muybridge.
Oldman wants Ralph Fiennes to play Muybridge and Benedict Cumberbatch to play Larkyns but those actors are not yet officially attached to the project at this point.
While Oldman himself, may also play the district attorney role of Dennis Spencer who prosecuted Muybridge who ended up being acquitted.

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