Hello, Clarice! Would You Like To Watch HANNIBAL Series With Some Fava Beans?

I don’t know if putting one of cinema’s iconic villains in a small screen would have the same horrifying impact but that’s what French Studio Gaumont is currently attempting. Via comingsoon, Gaumont announced the creation of Gaumont International Television and one of their projects already in development is a one-hour HANNIBAL drama, written by Bryan Fuller and it will center on Lecter’s early days and his mindgames with FBI agent Will Graham.
The sequel, Hannibal in 2001 bored me to death, didn’t compare to The Silence Of The Lambs, but I did actually enjoy 2002’s Red Dragon that had Anthony Hopkins playing Lecter, of course, and Edward Norton as Will Graham, despite the fact that the film was directed by Brett Ratner.
Let’s not even talk about the 2007 prequel, Hannibal Rising, that film was a disgrace.
But are we ready to watch HANNIBAL LECTER in a TV series format, on a weekly basis?

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