How ‘Bout Steven Seagal In THE EXPENDABLES 3? Yes Please!

Randy Couture who plays Toll Road in THE EXPENDABLES franchise, said in previous interview that THE EXPENDABLES 3 might start production in the fall. Still no confirmation yet, but now I’m thinkin there may be some truth to that because Steven Seagal told French site Excessif, via AITH, that has he’d been offered a role in THE EXPENDABLES 3.

“He [Sylvester Stallone] plans to do another one and I have already been made an offer. We’ll see … “

I watched countless action flicks when I was a kid, some are awesome, some are cheesy, and one of my memories was Under Siege starring Seagal. It was good seeing him in Machete a couple of years ago, but that was more like a teaser comeback role.
THE EXPENDABLES franchise is about collecting has-been action stars, and you can’t get more has-been than Seagal, which is why it’s odd they haven’t cast him in the first two installments.
What do you think? I think it’s about bloody time!

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