How Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy Convinced J.J. Abrams To Direct STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

How Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy Convinced J.J. Abrams To Direct STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

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J.J. Abrams - Kathleen Kennedy

Last year, J.J. Abrams went on record stating that he was not interested in helming STAR WARS: EPISODE VII because he wanted to stick with STAR TREK Franchise, he's made the 2009 parallel universe sequel and he's bringing us the sequel, STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS. But then, a few weeks ago, big info hit the web, Abrams had agreed to take on the directing job of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. So what changed his mind?..

The answer is Lucasfilm's head honcho, super producer Kathleen Kennedy, whose collaborations with Steven Spielberg for years has brought us Indiana Jones movies, War Horse, and Lincoln. Kennedy, being in charge of Lucas' empire since Lucas signed it off to Disney, persuaded Abrams, in a secret a meeting. Abrams told this to Hollywood Reporter..

"I learned firsthand how incredible and persuasive she is." Some -- but not all -- of his reservations were dispelled. "The thing about any pre-existing franchise -- I'd sort of done that," "But when I met with Kathy, it was suddenly very tantalizing."

The following is Kathleen Kennedy's comment about Abrams who she said had..

"very genuine concerns" "If there was any pause on J.J.'s part, it was the same pause everybody has -- including myself -- stepping into this," "Which is, it's daunting."

The pressure or Abrams' concerns were understandable, imagine taking on an established franchise that already grossed more than $4.3 Million and with huge fanbase that can get very passionate. Not to mention theme rides, merchandise sales and so on and so forth. So Kennedy put Abrams at ease..

"We spent a lot of time talking about how meaningful Star Wars is and the depth of the mythology that George has created and how we carry that into the next chapter," "Our goal is to move as quickly as we can, and we'll see what happens," "The timetable we care about is getting the story."

STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, scripted by Michael Arndt, is set to arrive in 2015. But between you and me, I wouldn't be surprised if there's any news of delay or postponement or change of release date in the near future.

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