How’s The Casting Process So Far With ANT-MAN, TERMINATOR 5, And Judd Apatow’s TRAIN WRECK?

THR got some casting update about some of your anticipated movie projects


Sorry, Joseph Gordon-Levit, but it seems that Paul Rudd is currently Marvel’s frontrunner for the lead role of Henry Pym in Edgar Wright’s ANT-MAN movie and they’re also looking to cast an actress to play Pym’s 30-ish girlfriend. Previous rumor about that role went to Rashida Jones.


Although you’ve already heard that names like Emilia Clarke and Brie Larson were among those competing to get the role of Sarah Connor, now there’s also another name in the race, Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black)
Producers and director Alan Taylor still want someone like Tom Hardy to play John Connor and they also have to cast the role of Kyle Reese but they and star Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly want to get an actress to play Sarah first before they cast the male roles


This is Judd Apatow’s latest film project and one can assume it’s probably going to be super long in its runtime like any other Apatow movies we’ve seen. Funnygirl Amy Schumer is the lead star but they’re looking to cast an actors to play her boyfriend, her best friend, and her parent. Apatow is meeting with actors in L.A. throughout November.

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