Jason Mewes a.k.a Jay Says Nothing Is Set In Stone Right Now For CLERKS III

Jason Mewes - Kevin Smith - Jay and Silent Bob

I’m a huge fan of the characters Jay And Silent Bob, which is why I was stoked when I got the chance to interview Jay a.k.a Jason Mewes who’s promoting his latest film, NOOBZ, which opens this weekend.
I’ll post my entire interview with Jason Mewes later, but I got to also ask him about Kevin Smith’s supposed final movie, CLERKS III. Jason has appeared in the previous two but will he show up in this next one. The following is his answer..

“Nothing is set in stone right now, man! I know he announced it. And I’m hoping. On the story he wants to tell, and honestly I feel like there would be a good third movie for CLERKS, I’m hoping it goes soon, but there’s a bunch of different factors that has to happen. So we’ll see.. we’ll see what happens.”

I then asked Jason if he really believed that CLERKS III would be Kevin Smith’s final movie or if Kevin Smith is just pulling our chain?

“I don’t think he’s pulling chain, I think right now he feels that way, but who knows what could happen in a year or after or if he shoots it and it does well and he’s excited how it turns out and then all of a sudden, ‘o my gosh, I have another story to tell’, I think right now he explains that he doesn’t have any more story to tell, this is his last one that he could tell, and he wants to do other things, he doesn’t want to focus only on writing and directing, he wants to write, he wants to do podcast, he wants to do radio, and he wants to do this and that. So I don’t think he’s pulling anyone’s chain, he feels that way right now, but you never know what could happen in a year or two.”

I’d also like to invite you to check out Jason & Kevin’s youtube channel http://youtube.com/seesmod and his live events on http://seesmod.com.

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