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Lay The Favorite

GRADE: 1 out of 5

How is it that the director who brought us such great flicks as The Queen and High Fidelity managed to bring us a poorly made film like Lay The Favorite? And to think that it features one of my favorite action stars. The whole movie just feels like time and money wasted, not just for the audience but for the filmmakers themselves who came up with this...

Professional odds-maker Dink (Bruce Willis) is running a small-time sports gambling enterprise when a former stripper named Beth (Rebecca Hall) promises to help him score big — and turns his world upside down. With his connections and her knack for numbers, the lucrative business of sports betting will never be the same.

I think LAY THE FAVORITE’s big mistake is the same mistake that HBO’s ill-fated series LUCK made as well, the fact that both of them didn’t go far and above to engage the audience. 30 minutes into the movie, LAY THE FAVORITE still failed to ‘invite’ and ‘let you in’, it got caught up in its silly romance instead of wowing us with the intricacies of the gambling world. This is a case of a terribly written script and half-ass performances, and the comedy missed its targets almost 100% of the time, and Rebecca Hall may be easy on the eyes and sexy as hell but her valley girl performance is rather irritating and forgettable. At the end of this movie, you will end up as angry as Bruce Willis’ character is whenever he loses his money, you may even get to that tantrum before you reach the end of this movie. You'd even be too ticked off to check out the deleted scenes. Lay LAY THE FAVORITE down and run for the next movie on your shelf.


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