My Description Of GODZILLA Comic-Con Teaser Trailer

My Description Of GODZILLA Comic-Con Teaser Trailer

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My most anticipated Hall H Panel today at Comic-Con 2013 was for GODZILLA and it didn't disappoint me. Director Gareth Edwards and stars Aaron Johnson, Bryan Cranston, and Elizabeth Olsen showed up, they talked to the audience and they brought the first teaser trailer for GODZILLA.

Now, it was a teaser trailer, so it was very brief, they had shots of Cranston using some kind of hazmat suit, taking his helmet off. And then there was a shot of Elizabeth Olsen who plays some kind of nurse and a mom, there were destructions and debris, and apparently Johnson's character is a military man, a soldier on duty but could not believe his own eyes because of the magnitude of what has taken place.And then there was a camera view from inside a chopper flying in to attack an invading giant creature that was wreaking havoc but the chopper got hit and crash-landed. Whatever this giant creature was, it was there to destroy everything in its path, but that creature was not godzilla.

Ya see.. this evil creature attacked an airport and there was a shot where people were panicking and screaming inside the airport terminal, while on the outside, the creature caused an airplane to crash into another plane and then that crashed into another plane, resulting in a series of giant explosions, one after another, across the runway. And all of a sudden, a giant lizard-like foot stomped the ground and Godzilla emerged from behind the evil giant creature, clearly there was a duel about to go down between the two. So it seems like, judging from the trailer, Godzilla is a protagonist. He's not controlled by a jaeger like PACIFIC RIM, obviously, but he's there to beat up other giant monsters and this should be fun to watch when GODZILLA arrives May 2014

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