rachel;) says:

BRING OUT NUMBER 4 the first 3 were amazing and i want to know what happened to gale!

Al says:

I think that there should be a 4th book or even more because there are so many questions not answered and its not really a end.It was like srry im done screw u.-_-.So yeah i was pretty annoyed.SC is a awsome writer so she should know not to stop when the pickings are good. I just couldnt belive that was it when i finished the 3rd book i felt like someone was just sticking a middle finger in my face.i was thinking after i finished it like WTF REALLY THATS IT!!So thats my oinion is the matter of the hunger game trilogy pm me or something is anyone wants to talk more

Jen says:

That’s exactly how I feel , I LOVED the hunger games triology soooo much that Suzanne Collins deffinetly needs to keep writing The Hunger Games books. She has so many fans. This book actually changed my opinion on reading too. It got me to start reading again like I did when I was little i’m 13 now. But like I said The Hunger Games was great, it made me keep reading znd reading. I litteraly couldn’t stop. I read while I ate and I didn’t sleep until I finished the book or until I fell asleep reading haha. I highly recommend these 3 books. They’re amazing, I read them all in one week & trust me I do not read alot. Well im just hoping thats Suzanne writes more to these books, please ! – thank you 🙂