Poster For DJ Caruso’s STANDING UP

I’ve received this poster for STANDING UP directed by DJ Caruso (Disturbia, Eagle Eye)
ARC Entertainment will be releasing STANDING UP in theaters August 16, 2013, starring Radha Mitchell, Chandler Canterbury, Annalise Basso.

Standing Up


Available in Theaters: August 16, 2013
Available on DVD/Blu-ray (Exclusively at Wal-Mart): August 20, 2013
Available on VOD: August 20, 2013

CAST: Radha Mitchell (Olympus Has Fallen, Silent Hill, Man On Fire), Val Kilmer, Chandler Canterbury (The Host, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Annalise Basso (Bedtime Stories)

DIRECTED BY: DJ Caruso (I Am Number Four, Eagle Eye, Disturbia)

SYNOPSIS: STANDING UP tells the story of an 11-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl who are ostracized by their peers at summer camp and soon find themselves victims of a vicious prank. But rather than returning to camp to face humiliation, they run away. Their three-day journey brings new experiences and despite a traumatic encounter, they help each other overcome adversity, forming a unique bond that helps them lead to a path of self-discovery.

DISTRIBUTOR: ARC Entertainment

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