PUSHING DAISIES’ Anna Friel Is Cardinal’s Troubled Sister In Showtime’s VATICAN Series

Anna Friel

Showtime has cast Anna Friel to co-star with Kyle Chandler in their upcoming new series THE VATICAN, the provocative contemporary drama/thriller pilot which explores the relationships and rivalries as well as the mysteries and miracles behind one of the world’s most hidden institutions, it’s about power, spirituality, politics set agains the machinations within the Catholic Church.
Chandler will play the charismatic yet enigmatic archbishop of New York, Cardinal Thomas Duffy, whose progressive ideas excite some and alarm others within the Catholic Church.
Also starring Matthew Goode and Sebastian Koch, scripted by Paul Attanasio, production on this long-hour show starts this year.
Friel plays Chandler’s character’s sister Friel plays Kayla, a sexually active partying New Yorker who’s witty and rebellious against all norms and institutions including the church, she is often a liability for Duffy, who is a public leader of the Catholic Church.

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