Rian Johnson Explains LOOPER. Its Comparison To TERMINATOR. Gordon-Levitt Playing Younger Bruce Willis

Quick recap about director Rian Johnson‘s new sci-fi actioner, LOOPER, shall we! Starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe the hitman who kills his hooded bound victims sent back in time from 30 years in the future but something goes wrong when one day a hoodless body arrives and it’s his future self, played by Willis.
Co-starring Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Jeff Daniels, Piper Perabo, Noah Segan and Xu Qing.
You’ve previously seen an image of Looper’s time machine. So.. what’s one of the things that come to mind when you read the plot above? it’s very Terminator-esque, ain’t it?!
Well, Johnson told LA TIMES the following as his explanation..

“If you just tell somebody the plot, you’re inevitably telling them the time travel stuff, but the movie actually uses that as a set-up. The best parallel I can draw is to the first ‘Terminator’ movie where time travel is used to set up this impossible situation between these people and then that situation plays itself out.”

Gordon Levitt plays younger version of Bruce Willis’ character. So will we see JGL trying to mimic Bruce’s mannerism and appearance and how much of it will be JGL’s performance instead of straight up impersonation job?
Johnson explained that JGL had to act and look like Bruce and so JGL had to spend 3 hours a day in the makeup chair so that the prosthetics could work effectively..

“That was really scary because you commit to that and there’s no real way out of it,’
..’But the biggest thing is Joe’s performance, he’s really doing Bruce in a big and daring way, but he strikes a balance between obviously imitating Bruce and also building this organic performance.'”

Spencer Breslin played an 8-year old Bruce Willis in Disney’s The Kid back in 2000..
Now, JGL got to play younger Bruce..
Maybe one of these days, someone will play a 70 year old Bruce Willis telling the present time Bruce to stop making too many unnecessary Die Hard sequels.

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Moviebuff says:

Stop with the unnecessary Die Hard sequel comments LOL

I LOVE DIE HARD films. Willis can still make action flicks believable. I want FOUR MORE Die Hard films if possible LOL