Rob Liefeld’s Vote Of Confidence On Jeff Wadlow’s X-FORCE Script

Haven’t heard much about X-FORCE Movie project for more than a couple of months now. Quick recap, KICK-ASS 2′s writer/director, Jeff Wadlow, were hired to write the adaptation and possibly will get to also direct this Rob Liefeld-created spinoff, the project to be produced by super producer Lauren Shuller Donner.
Liefeld tweeted and complimented Jeff’s work on the script thus far..

“Every film needs a proper script b4 they can cast & shoot,”
“1st mission accomplished for X-Force-When the casting begins we can scream together”
“X-Force cast/film will please/appeal to fans of all eras,”
“Wadlow carefully, cleverly navigates the legacy.”

Sounds like things are going well as planned. Jeff Wadlow himself previously promised us that this X-FORCE will be a little edgier than his KICK-ASS 2.

The original X-Force was created by the half-cyborg mutant, known as Cable. Where the other X-teams believed in protecting humans from evil mutants, X-Force adopted a proactive attitude towards mutant terrorists. Cable’s basic philosophy, which he related to his team, was “Get them before they get you”. The name was briefly used by a government organized team which later became X-Statix. A new incarnation of X-Force was gathered his best trackers by Cyclops during the Messiah Complex, to hunt down Cable and the first mutant baby to be born after the Decimation. This team remains after this first mission, with the same philosophy as Cable’s team but more lethal methods, led by Wolverine. Though Cyclops order it disbanded in the end of the Second Coming, X-Force continues to operate in secret, with both Archangel and Wolverine to lead it. This team ultimately disband. In the aftermath of the Phoenix Coming, both Cable’s team and strike team X-Forces reformed. In addition, a Multiversal team was also gathered by an alternate Charles Xavier.

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