Steven Spielberg Wants To Team Up With Zhang Yimou On An International Chinese Movie Project

While Steven Spielberg’s friend Martin Scorsese is helping Wong Kar Wai promote THE GRANDMASTER, Spielberg wants to go back to China to make a movie.
Variety said Spielberg is interested in teaming up with Chinese director Zhang Yimou on an international Chinese film, it’s not revealed yet what their collabo project would be about.
But Yimou (Raise Of The Red Lantern, The Flowers Of War, Hero) is stoked about it and he’s thinking of possibly making WB’s QUASIMODO musical, based on Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame

“I would like to make a movie in China with my dear friend,”
“We would work together on an international film that could take place in China.”

But Yimou may also develop LeVision Pictures’ Chinese project titled RETURN based on Yan Geling’s novel, THE CRIMINAL LU YANSHI.

Spielberg himself is also stoked about the collabo and he wants the project to be with contemporary themes instead of historic ones.

“I made ‘Empire of the Sun’ in Shanghai in the 1980s and want to come back one day to make a movie in China,”

Whatever the project will be, we’re all anticipating it, Mr. Spielberg. I’m sure China will welcome you back with open arms.

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