THE KILLING Is Canceled Again. There Will Be No Season 4

THE KILLING was never one of my favorite dramas, I tried watching an episode or two and it just couldn’t keep me engaged, much like that short lived HBO series Luck, both shows just weren’t able to invite their audiences in.
If you recalled, THE KILLING was canceled after its 2nd season, but then it got resurrected again because AMC teamed up with Netflix to share the cost which was a big reason for the cancellation in the first place. And then AMC and Fox TV reached an agreement to develop THE KILLING Season 3 with the cast and crew to return. Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman returned to their roles as Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder respectively.
But sadly, this season 3 just couldn’t get enough ratings for the show to continue further.

Deadline said AMC has decided to cancel THE KILLING.. again.
The 3rd season opened with 1.8 Million viewers but it ended with 1.5 Million viewers for the season finale, and it’s just not enough in AMC’s mind, the number is just not worthy enough to warrant a 4th season.
So.. Sorry to all you fans of THE KILLING out there, but the show is no more.

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