The Recut Movie Version Of THE BIBLE Is Titled SON OF GOD And It’s 2 Hours And 15 Minutes Long

You heard this past Spring that producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey who brought you History Channel’s big success miniseries, THE BIBLE, will be bringing THE BIBLE to the big screen by recutting the 7 episodes into a single 3-hour or less edition.
In addition to that, the married couple Burnett and Downey are also developing AD: BEYOND THE BIBLE series for NBC.
Burnett and Downey are in the Bible business and they’re not going anywhere.

In regards to the recut movie version of THE BIBLE, Variety recently said that the couple have struck distribution deal with 20th Century Fox and the film will be titled SON OF GOD which focuses only on the story of Jesus, played in the miniseries by actor Diogo Morgado, from birth to resurrection.
They’ll basically use the same scenes you saw in the miniseries, plus some new scenes not featured in the miniseries. No release date yet but 20th Century Fox wants SON OF GOD to hit theaters sometime next year.
The movie’s runtime is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

20th Century Fox is no brainer for distribution partner, seeing that THE BIBLE miniseries’ DVD/Blu-Ray distribution is handled by Fox Home Entertainment and it has sold more than 1 Million units.

The pair are working on a followup, “AD: Beyond the Bible,” as a regular series for NBC.

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