THE WALKING DEAD Casts Two More Actors Playing Characters From The Comic Book

Last night’s premiere episode of THE WALKING DEAD was phenomenal. It was raining zombies, man! Scary as hell.
Via TheLiveFeed, at NY Comic-Con this past weekend, AMC has announced the casting of two actors to play characters based on Robert Kirkman’s comic books.
Josh McDermitt plays former high school science Dr. Eugene Porter.
Michael Cudlitz plays Eugene’s traveling companion, sports coach/Army Sgt. Abraham Ford.
But AMC didn’t say which episodes that these guys will show up in.
Eugene and Ford’s traveling companion is Rosita played by Christian Serrators.
Those three cross paths with Rick and his gang as they try to make their way to Washington.
Not certain yet how AMC writers will try to alter that trio’s storyline from the story told in the comic books in which Ford and Rosita eventually became a couple and how Eugene was lying about knowing what may have caused the zombie outbreak.
Remember, the comic books and the shows are two different beasts so we’ll see the show’s version of Euge, Ford, and Rosita.

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