THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Episode 9 Promo When It Returns On February 9th, 2014

SPOILER ALERT! Regarding last night’s mid-season 4 finale of THE WALKING DEAD, it was bloody intense. What a great mid-season finale. Lots of firefight and the governor got what he deserved.
I thought it was hilarious that The Governor convinced his people that taking the prison would be their only way to survive.
Be that as it may, deep down, you could see it in his one eye that The Governor actually gave more damn about beating Rick and his gang.
The fact that Rick had it good and he didn’t, was eating him alive.

Now, we’ll have to wait till February 9, 2014 to pick up where we left off, patience pays off though. In the meantime, check out this promo for THE WALKING DEAD season 4 episode 9

And here are spoilery behind-the-scenes videos of the making of last night’s episode 8

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