Trailer For Vin Diesel’s Web Series, THE ROPES

Ok, last year, Vin Diesel teamed up Fox Digital Entertainment to produce an original web series titled THE ROPES about the lives of bouncers. The politically correct term is nightclub security.
Before he was a star, Diesel was once a bouncer and I heard that’s also the same type of job that Bruce Willis had back when he was a struggling actor.
Diesel and Samantha Vincent produce this series, based on the Diesel’s experiences working the door. It’s going to be 18 seven-minute episodes.
Fast forward to this year and this month and this past week, the trailer for the web series THE ROPES has arrived, via Crackle and here’s the plot..

The Ropes follows Martin, the newest bouncer at NYC’s hottest night club. Immediately, he will learn two basic facts: 1st:The question is WHEN not IF a fight will happen. 2nd: A bouncer’s heroism is always unsung.

You can start watching the episodes on Netflix if you’d like. I don’t have Netflix account so I’ll pass..

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