TRANSFORMERS 4 Arrives 2014?

Director Michael Bay is busy prepping for his low budget comedy PAIN AND GAIN but it’s no secret that Paramount has been constantly bugging him, persuading him to return to Transformers world once more.
With the third installment, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon banking over $1.1 Billion worldwide and the limited collector’s edition is making a killin’ on Blu-Ray and DVD as well, not to mention TRANSFORMERS: THE 3D Ride which will open at Universal Studios Hollywood this May, with that kind of popularity, there’s no way Paramount is going to have it end at third installment and that’s it.
Comingsoon heard that Paramount wants TRANSFORMERS 4 to hit theaters in 2014, if all goes well
But Bay’s involvement is not yet confirmed. No word on which stars will be part of the next sequel either.
Would you like to see TRANSFORMERS 4? Or do you wish this franchise would just die already?

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