Wes Bentley the Final Piece of Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR

It seems Interstellar‘s casting process has come to a conclusion now that Wes Bentley has entered the picture. He has reportedly filled the last empty role in a cast that is already brimming with talent.

The Hollywood Reporter dropped this exclusive bit of information just a few days after Topher Grace’s inclusion was announced. Bentley, like Grace, is a capable actor who hasn’t had many choice roles aside from last year’s Hunger Games. It’ll be nice to see him back on screen in another high profile picture. Because we don’t know much about the plot or any of its character yet, it’s difficult to know how much the actor will be given to do, though THR says insiders report that the supporting role is a meaty one.

As you know, the film is directed by Christopher Nolan, who has co-written the film with his brother Jonathan Nolan. The science fiction picture involves time travel, alternate dimensions, and wormholes and is set to release next November.

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