What The Hell?! Check Out This Brazilian BATMAN Hired By Police, I Kid You Not

Brazilian military police must be real desperate if they’d have to settle for the following method.
Via Ovale and Bleedingcool, Brazilian police force in Taubaté actually hired a 50 year old dude who dresses as Batman, to assist them and bring down the high crime levels.
André Luiz Pinheiro aged 50, reportedly loves dressing up as Batman and now he gets to kinda, sorta, somewhat do what Caped Crusader would do.
Will he carry that utility belt? Will he have a batmobile, is there going to be some kind of Brazilian police commissionaire that lights up a Bat Signal at night when the neighborhood needs him?
This Batman’s duty will focus on murder and drug dealing in the suburbs, areas with the reputation of being especially violent. I sure hope he knows what he’s doing, his old age is definitely not going to his advantage.

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