What You May Anticipate About BAYWATCH: RED TIDE Movie

Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant are currently out promoting their latest hilarious comedy, HELL BABY, but if you recall, that dynamic duo who also gave us Night At The Museum movies, are in charge of rewriting the script for Paramount’s BAYWATCH movie which will also be directed by Garant and he jokingly told Collider that this currently titled BAYWATCH: RED TIDE will be kinda like Reno 911 but with sexy people, but the film may also have a tone similar to Point Break. They’ve actually watched some of the old show’s episodes to bring back those old memories and get inspiration..

“The plot of one of the episodes in the first season is that there’s a giant squid stealing people’s surfboards. That’s a real episode” and also commented on one second season episode which he describes as “The Shining in swimsuits, with Nicole Eggert.”

Well, as long as the quality of this new movie is not as cheesy as those old Baywatch straight to home video movies, I’m willing to give it a shot.
I think all of us are just wondering will this new movie have those slo-mo runs.

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