Whoa! This Teaser Trailer For Cronenberg's COSMOPOLIS, Starring Robert Pattinson, Is Pretty Insane!

Whoa! This Teaser Trailer For Cronenberg's COSMOPOLIS, Starring Robert Pattinson, Is Pretty Insane!

rama   March 22, 2012  
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Shooting your own left hand, f*ing in a limo, all kinds of crazy sh*t is happening in this teaser trailer for David Cronenberg's new film, COSMOPOLIS. It's as if the teaser is saying welcome to yet another Cronenberg movie, b*tch! Heads up, this teaser gets real hardcore!..

COSMOPOLIS starring Robert Pattinson, Samantha Morton, Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti, Kevin Durand, Jay Baruchel, and Sarah Gadon. Based on Don DeLillo‘s novel, the story is about “a financial wiz kid who puts his life in danger by betting his entire fortune against the yen on a tumultous day”. Baruchel plays the shy guy who founded the company, he’s the trader’s conscience. Durand plays Pattinson’s chief security officer…

The budget is $20.5 Million, written by Cronenberg and produced by Portuguese producer Paulo Branco’s Alfama Films and Cronenberg’s Toronto-based Antenna, in association with Kinology.

“It is an April day in the year 2000 and an era is about to end. The booming times of market optimism — when the culture boiled with money and corporations seemed more vital and influential than governments — are poised to crash. Eric Packer, a billionaire asset manager at age twenty-eight, emerges from his penthouse triplex and settles into his lavishly customized white stretch limousine. Today he is a man with two missions: to pursue a cataclysmic bet against the yen and to get a haircut across town. Stalled in traffic by a presidential motorcade, a music idol’s funeral, and a violent political demonstration, Eric receives a string of visitors — experts on security, technology, currency, finance, and a few sexual partners — as the limo sputters toward an increasingly uncertain future. Cosmopolis, Don DeLillo’s thirteenth novel, is both intimate and global, a vivid and moving account of the spectacular downfall of one man, and of an era.”


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