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Wohoo!!!! Possible PUSHING DAISIES Kickstarter? Yes Please!

Wohoo!!!! Possible PUSHING DAISIES Kickstarter? Yes Please!

rama   March 15, 2013  
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Pushing Daisies

As you know, Kickstarter got VERONICA MARS movie project moving forward in less than a day, the fans really wanted it. Sadly, Joss Whedon doesn't think the same fate would happen to FIREFLY/SERENITY. But hey, I was a huge fan of the short-lived series PUSHING DAISIES, always thought it didn't get a fighting chance it deserved, so I'm stoked to hear, via Hitfix, that PUSHING DAISIES creator Bryan Fuller may use kickstarter too to hopefully revive the show. VERONICA MARS creator Rob Thomas said he got an e-mail from Fuller asking Thomas to teach him how kickstarter works, specifically for PUSHING DAISIES. So.. will the pie maker come back on TV eventually or would you like to see the pie maker on the big screen?


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