You CRAZY U, Will Ferrell!

I remember in summer 2001 when my dad and I were shopping for College. We went from one school to another and then to another, I knew I wanted to major in Business but I was looking for the best program and of course, affordability, so I can only imagine my dad’s stressing out about paying the tuition, Colleges are expensive, man!
Those of who’ve been there, done that, probably can relate to the following project.
Deadline said New Line has bought the screen rights to author Andrew Ferguson‘s book, Crazy U: One Dad’s Crash Course In Getting His Kid Into College. I’m thinkin’ the movie probably would just go with the simple title, CRAZY U.
If all goes well, they’re planning to have Will Ferrell star as the dad in the cutthroat competition to get his son accepted into the perfect college. Sounds fun!..
Below is the book‘s official synopsis..

Getting into college drives students to the brink of madness—and pushes their parents over the edge.Pummeled by peers, crazed by counselors, and addled by advice books, beloved writer Andrew Ferguson had come to believe that a single misstep in the race to college could wreck his son’s future.Crazy U is his disarmingly candid and hilariously subversive chronicle of their family’s journey through the admissions game, from the first color brochures landing in the mailbox to the waiting, waiting, waiting for a big envelope with the verdict. In this rollicking ride from the man Christopher Buckley has called “my all-time favorite writer,” Ferguson provides a pocket history of higher education in America, recounts the college ranking wars, and passes on the valuable tips he’s picked up during his crash course. (Number 36: Don’t apply for financial aid after midnight.) He also dares to ask: Why on earth does it all cost so much? Along the way, Ferguson’s relationship with his son grows, built from humor, loyalty, and more than a little shared anxiety. In launching his son into the world, this father may find a new place in it for himself.

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