Zack Snyder Wants To Expand The DC Universe In Superman’s World With MAN OF STEEL 2

As you know, MAN OF STEEL director Zack Snyder and scribe David Goyer are set to return and develop the sequel, even as the first movie is still hitting big at the box office as we speak.
Via moviehole, here’s an update from Snyder on MAN OF STEEL 2 and the possibility of JUSTICE LEAGUE movie..

“I haven’t yet gotten to speak to the studio about all these awesome details (because I’ve been overseas on the junket). So my hope is, when I get home I can sit down with everyone and it’ll be like ‘Okay, so what are we going to do?.. we need to do something…”’
“We almost destroyed the world last time, now what!?:
“I really wanted to expand the DC Universe and I really wanted to make sure, in Superman’s world, that all that is a possibility.”

JUSTICE LEAGUE is still set for 2015 and last we heard, WB wants MAN OF STEEL to arrive in 2014, let’s hope what we get is not a couple of half-ass rushed jobs.

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